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With ZAFUL swimwear becoming hot sale in this summer, the amount of Customer complaints about the size of ZAFUL products is rise. We will mainly go to the details of this complaint and give a major discussion of ZAFUL size.

ZAFUL consist mainly of women apparel and accessories, with prices ranging from $20 to $50. Whatever positive and negative ZAFUL reviews are, most of customer service are found to coincidentally consider products and customer service. For products on ZAFUL, they are often relate closely to the sizing

The above reviews from Resellerratings, one of the famous customer reviews communities illustrate that up to 60% of customer complaints for ZAFUL is its products’ sizing issue. We find that most of ZAFUL buyers, like the buyer shown in the screenshot above, criticized that the size of products they received was too small or the actual items’ size was not in accordance with the size chart shown on the site. However, after checking their website, we notice that ZAFUL has pushed forward to solve this problem, for instance, the launch of the new page SIZE AND FITS GUIDES on which both women’s and men’s size of clothing and shoes could be checked.

Hence, those who failed to make sure their size can take advantage of the tool. From my opinion, ZAFUL should assume some responsibility of such mistakes. And as customers, we also should check on the size chart and guides to make sure our size during the shopping procedure.

ZAFUL Size Chart Guide

  1. Sizes may vary depending on the country or area.

ZAFUL products are made in China, its size are suitable for Asian body and will be smaller for European body. In a article named “How to Find Your Size on ZAFUL, the author take ZAFUL size chart and H&M size chart for example, give a explanation that ZAFUL M size could be H&M S, or M size. It’s up to your BWH and the data of ZAFUL size chart guide. At last, the author give 3 steps for you to choose right size.

  1. Sizes may vary depending on the styles or suppliers.

Different styles clothing may have different size statistics. For example, the M size of a bodycon dress and a casual dress may have different bust and waist measurements. And ZAFUL purchased apparels from different garment suppliers, it also a major make sizes various.

Lets take ZAFUL size charts of two products for example:

ZAFUL product 1 and its size chart guide:side-guide-1

ZAFUL product 2 and its size chart guide:size-guide-2

From my above analysis, maybe we know why some customer complaints for ZAFUL sizes. My advice is Check out the Size Guides! You are encouraged to measure them by yourself based on comparing with the Size Chart to ensure you’re buying the correct size.

If you are still not ensure your size after measuring it, contact customer server online before making a purchase is a good idea. Certainly, ZAFUL should also have a duty to inform customers to aware that ZAFUL’s products have different size chart, since they come from different suppliers. And it really give a press for helping customers to buy the right sizes online. Hope ZAFUL could make more differences.

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