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Is ZAFUL a scam or legit?

ZAFUL, a e-commerce website, display prominent fashion trends with clothing and accessories lines at significant discounts over what designers would typically charge. The prevalence of ZAFUL has consumers wondering if the deep discounts are worth the potential risk. The price break of ZAFUL has consumers wondering, “is ZAFUL legit?”, “is ZAFUL a scam?”, “should i buy from ZAFUL?”

Nowadays, we can search all information of ZAFUL available online, here i want to provide an objective and detailed ZAFUL reviews for you to make shopping decisions wisely on ZAFUL. “Is ZAFUL a scam?”, “What do we need know about”. With this questions, We will take a look at what my reviews shows on whether ZAFUL is legit or not, if ZAFUL is a scam.

Who is ZAFUL?

Firstly, let’s give you a full details about ZAFUL’s history.

Before we define whether ZAFUL is legit or not, we should have a deep understanding of this business. ZAFUL was established on 2014, wow, a new online store. The original idea as ZAFUL claimed is to share the latest fast fashion on female clothes with fashion-forward, free-thinking girls. Providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service is ZAFUL vision. All of these are cliches. Consumers are still wondering about ZAFUL because of their steep discounts on a number of trendy items. “It is too good to be true, is ZAFUL a scam and steal our money? Or should i trust it?”


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Where is ZAFUL located? China. Like many other Chinese online stores, the items of ZAFUL are the result of “discerning shoppers” who scour designers. ZAFUL control quality from multiple vendors before committing to sell them. ZAFUL tout itself as a direct-to-consumer store and claim that it cut out the middleman. Is ZAFUL legit? Well, ZAFUL may do not carry its own clothes lines, but it has the right to control over the sourcing and quality of the items. It seemly that Sept,2016. ZAFUL has app, check on Google Play store and Apple itunes store, you will find them.

An oft-neglected fact included in the news about ZAFUL is the link between ZAFUL and other online stores which was accused of fraudulent or scam, like sammydress, and rosegal, strangely, almost all this kind of news on buzzfeed are reported by one reporter, and all these online stores are all linked to the same parent company, ShenZhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Company. Most stores of this parent company have similar reviews with ZAFUL reviews, which leads many consumers to believe that ZAFUL is a scam. Is ZAFUL a scam? Now, let’s have a better understanding of the shipping, customer service and products behind the company, we will take a closer look to define whether ZAFUL is a scam or legit.

ZAFUL Reviews of products

The most complaints for ZAFUL among customer reviews is size issue. “it’s small for me”, “i order a smaller size than my usual size, but it still small.” now, can we said ZAFUL is a scam due to these customer reviews? No, let’s find the fact. One point we must know about ZAFUL is ZAFUL is located in ShenZhen, China, most of its items are made in china and for Asia people, it’s usually small size than UK, EU or US size. Another one point is the items on ZAFUL are from different vendors, which may cause different clothes may have different size chart. So, my advice is before you added your favorite dress to bag, just check ZAFUL size guides and measure your BWH, then choose the right size. More details about ZAFUL size issue was discussed in my article “ZAFUL Size Guide”, hope it will help you know more about zeful size.


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ZAFUL reviews of return policy

In fact, the issue of wrong size happened to other online websites, especially on foreign e-commerce businesses. So if we buy something with wrong size or other problems, what should we do? Return. Yes, almost all online store offer return service. More full details is up to the return policy of every e-commerce business. So, how about ZAFUL return policy? Is ZAFUL legit when it comes to processing your returns? Is it bad as someone who said ZAFUL is a scam, or good as some positive customer reviews said?

Two point make me hold the idea with positive customer reviews. One is ZAFUL offer a 30 day returns warranty, which is a good news for international shopping. Another one is satisfaction guarantee that ZAFUL resend or refund for your orders under $50 without any condition. The last one is just a temporary return policy but not pass off immediately.

A Important note for you is If you want to process your return, you must contact ZAFUL customer service to explain your dissatisfaction with the order you received. For faulty items, you must show the issue with videos or photos. Then ZAFUL Customer service will reserve the right to study the evidence you offered then give a solution. Before you send your items back, ask ZAFUL customer service for a RMA form . Without it, the items you returned will not be accepted. More details about ZAFUL return policy was discussed in my article “How To Return Items Of ZAFUL.Com


ZAFUL return policy

ZAFUL Reviews of Shipping

With the length of delivery time, it’s no wonder that ZAFUL received some consumer complaints, “wherr is my order?” “i have not received my parcel, Is ZAFUL a scam?” ZAFUL clearly claimed the time entailed and ZAFUL shipping policy, but there are still some customer complaints for ZAFUL, is ZAFUL legit or a scam because of the length of shipping time.

Many customer reviews or complaints said it’s too long for wait for their orders. What we need notice is the processing time is not included in the shipping time listed on ZAFUL. ZAFUL needs time to prepare customer orders before shipping. ZAFUL claimed this will take 3-7 business days. Why do they have different processing time? The more popular the items you choose, the longer time it will take for ZAFUL to prepare the order.


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ZAFUL reviews or free shipping. From this point, if your orders over $30 and you are in United States, you will enjoy ZAFUL free shipping with standard shipping. In united states, The standard shipping can take anywhere from 8-15 business days. if your orders over $99 and you are in United States, you will enjoy ZAFUL free shipping with express shipping. In united states, The standard shipping can take anywhere from 6-10 business days. Other online stores like dresslily also provide free shipping, but they are used the flat rate shipping which is longer than standard shipping or express shipping. More information about ZAFUL shipping or delivery issue was show you in my article “Full Details About ZAFUL Complaints For Product, Shipping & Size

Once our orders are prepared and shipped out, ZAFUL will provide tracking information to us, but many ZAFUL reviews said the tracking information doesn’t work. But It can be difficult to determine whether ZAFUL is a scam or not based on the longer time than average shipping times. We should pay more patience for foreign businesses. If you’re not sure if ZAFUL is legit based on ZAFUL shipping time, just wait a sec to see if your parcel will arrive.

ZAFUL reviews of customer service

Customer service is also a mainly complaints from customers. “i call them, but no answer.” “i email them, but 2 days later, not any reply.” should we define ZAFUL is a scam due to these negative reviews and complaints? No. Then how about ZAFUL customer service? What i advice you is pay attention to ZAFUL helpline number and their work time. A article “ZAFUL Customer Service-Phone Number Contact” on ZAFUL reviews blog will tell you more info.

Conclusion: Is ZAFUL Legit?

In my own ZAFUL reviews, i have taken an overview about ZAFUL product, return, shipping and customer service. While significantly more disgruntled customers available, there are still some customers end up happy with shopping experience on ZAFUL in their reviews.

Some reviews said ZAFUL app is nonexistent and it has only one way to make a purchase. Is it true as this reviews said? Check out it by your self and you will found it’s not true. Is ZAFUL a scam? a glowing positive ZAFUL review in one place and an equally awful one in another. But that not means ZAFUL is a scam.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for, the quality of ZAFUL products is not as good as famous brand like free people or kate spade, if you want high quality products, free people or kate is your choice, but if you want cheaper and not bad quality, check on zaful maybe a good choice, it at last deserve your money.

If you have tips or reviews even complaints about my post about ZAFUL reviews, leave comments here.

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