ZAFUL Model Stats, Really Could Help Customers Find The Right Size?

ZAFUL, not a famous e-commerce business website, its position is fashion, good quality, not high price. Where is ZAFUL located? China. Many customers keep skeptical about China’s e-commerce online shopping site, someone who didn’t know ZAFUL also have the same opinions, especially when sammydress, ZAFUL’s sister site, was caught in scam storm, ZAFUL also been implicated.

But is ZAFUL really a scam? If not, why customers did such reviews about ZAFUL online? If so, why do ZAFUL products and services look so good?

Most customer complaints for ZAFUL are about ZAFUL size issue. A part of customers choose the wrong size on ZAFUL, they said, the size of items they shopping from ZAFUL are smaller than their usual size. Reviews online hold the idea that ZAFUL did not explicitly remind them in the site that the size of items on ZAFUL is the Asian size, smaller than in Europe, that leading them to choose the wrong size. It may be the main reason online reviews said ZAFUL is a scam.

zaful-complaint-1Then, did ZAFUL not tell the user her size issue? We check the site of ZAFUL and found that ZAFUL did not tell the user in a clear position about the product from China is Asian size, but we see a “size and fit guides”at the bottom of the site, “How do I know what size to choose?” on ZAFUL FQA page, and click the blog icon which is link to ZAFUL reviews blog, we saw a article “How To Find Your Size On ZAFUL” on the obvious place of One of the ZAFUL internal staffs give us a explanation, that is “people are always skeptical about the unknown things, a lot of Westerners do not understand China. There is a angry users online said ZAFUL is a scam. We contacted her that we would like to send her some products and hope she could re-examine the quality and service on ZAFUL, if the quality and service are ok, we hope she could change the mind that zaful is a scam. But she was very resolute refusal on the grounds that the increase in the volume of our orders led to the emergence of child labor problems. OMG, Child labor had been banned for many years in China, but his impressions of us remained in many years ago. on the contrary, our development enabled the work opportunities for many parents of children. That’s why we keep silent about it, we can’t change others’ opinion, we just do our best. Despite of this, We still admire this user’s kindness.”

The staff continued, “Of course, we also know that the size of the problem does need to be resolved, so ZAFUL has done a lot of effort in the size of the above problems. On ZAFUL, each piece of clothing has a size guide. in order to take care of different regions, ZAFUL increase size conversion chart for customers, you can convert ZAFUL size to UK size, US size and more. For helping customers have a more accurate perception of ZAFUL size, ZAFUL published the information of models’ BHW. all goods which are displayed by models will add the function of the model stats, the function tells customers about model measurements data and the items size the model choose. Below ZAFUL sizes guides you can see the new function MODEL STATS. Plus, the function is in the new on-line stage, the data has not been fully imported, so if there are some products do not have the data, please be patient ”


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