ZAFUL Complaint| What You Need To Know Before Shopping On ZAFUL(reviews)

ZAFUL complaints: the size is not good.

One of the customer complaints for ZAFUL among ZAFUL reviews is zaful’s products are too small, especially complain about the size of swimwear.

What does Zaful really do to solve this customer complaint?

Because of worrying about the wrong size, many of new online shopper are scared to jump in. Now we have zaful’s design team on hand to discuss the issue of how to get right size.

Based on the customer complaint and review, zaful refresh the size chart and add a size conversion chart to customer as a reference. When you go to a product, you will see a description of this product, under it is the size chart of zaful product. There is also a article named How to Find Your Size on ZAFUL teach you how to make sure your size when shopping on zaful.

If a product is only one size available, that means it’s often fit size XS to M, but you’d better check out the size chart under the product description.If you are not sure after check zaful size chart, You are encouraged to measure it based on the size chart. It will ensure you get the right size product.size chart

Zaful complaints: where is my order?

Another one of the customer complaints for ZAFUL among ZAFUL reviews is they don’t know how to track their order.

  1. What does Zaful really do to solve customer complaint about shipping?

What you need to know is that the total delivery time is not shipping time or processing time, is processing time plus shipping time. To let customers understand it, zaful changed the “dispatch” to “ship out” to solve the misunderstanding of “delivery time” and “processing time”.processing time

  1. What does Zaful really do to solve customer complaint about tracking order?

A customer complaint for zaful is that he doesn’t know how to track his package. In a post from, it notes that you can track your order with 2 ways, one is log into your zaful account and click on “MY ORDERS” to track your order, the other one is Log on your email box and click on the tracking link send from zaful. More information on How to Buy on

Zaful complaints: when could i get my refund?

From june 2016, zaful provide a Satisfaction Guarantee that : If customers are complain about the order, just contact zaful within 30 days of receiving the product. All clients will be offered unconditional resend or refund for orders under $50. If your order is over $50, you should follow the ZAFUL RETURN POLICY, after ZAFUL receive your return, you will get your refund within approximately 7 to 10 business days. different individual payment provider maybe cause different refund time and the exact time maybe vary. Once your refunds have been processed by ZAFUL, contacting your payment provider and check your money. pls note that: All original shipping charges you paid are non-refundable.

ZAFUL reviews from real customers

Resellerratings, a professional site focused on customer reviews, collected customer reviews about zaful to answering the question, “is zaful legit?”. Zaful reviews came in with more that 4 stare of 5 star rating. More than quarter of the ratings among zaful reviews give a 5-star

Ripoff report, a site just post negative reviews, said that zaful is a scam. Is zaful a scam? The site also said amazon and ebay are scam. But enter “rifpoff report reviews” on, more customer reviews show the truth about rifpoff report, and in fact that rifpoff report is really a scam. Among them a youtube video Rip Off Report – Big Scam Artists catching my eye, this video shows that what Rip Off Report actually do to take huge amounts of money from the average hard working Americans.

Zaful customer service will track customer negative reviews on the third-part reviews sites and help solve customer complaints for zaful. But I personally recommend leave your complaints to zaful’s official site, because the information on internet is so much, it’s hard for zaful customer service to track customer complaints on third-part site. The best way to solve your complaints is contact zaful customer service directly.

Conclusion: is zaful legit?

Every company have negative reviews and positive reviews, and it’s impossible to have zero customer complaints, the key is what did zaful do to solve customer complaints? We’ve taken a look at the feedback from customer reviews and complaints for zaful, and analysis the resolution zaful provide to solve customer complaints. And conclusion that zaful is a legit site. You get what you pay for, and zaful make its products deserve you money.

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