Real Customer Complaint Against ZAFUL About Shipping

If you place a order on ZAFUL, but you can not get it successfully and you want to make a complaint to the ZAFUL customer service. What will ZAFUL do? Now there are two examples for you to check.

  1. The customer can not get the parcel within the delivery time, and the parcel is on the returning way after the delivery time limited.

The ZAFUL contacted the customer to check if he has received his parcel, but unfortunately the customer told the ZAFUL that he has missed it.

zaful complaint 3

Then the ZAFUL gives the customer solutions as follows:

zaful complaint 4

Finally the customer chose the first solution:

zaful complaint 5

  1. If you can not receive your parcel within the delivery limited time, you can contact the ZAFUL in time, then they can give you the suitable solutions.

One customer contacted the ZAFUL that he can not receive the parcel after the estimated time, it is as follows:

zaful complaint 6

After checking the address and post office, he can not receive his parcel. And fortunately he bought the insurance when he placed the order, so the ZAFUL gave him the solutions as follows:

zaful complaint 7

There are two real examples about the shipping complaints from the ZAFUL, if you place a order on the ZAFUL, and have a complaint about the shipping, ZAFUL kindly suggest that you can check your address firstly. Then you can check the logistics if you pay the tracking number fee, then you can contact your local delivery agent. After you do all these steps, and you can not get your parcels, you can contact the ZAFUL customer service in time.

If you have problems, leave comments here, we can discuss it and try to help you.

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