Is ZAFUL a Scam? Or Legit? The Truth about ZAFUL Order Tracking

“Is ZAFUL a scam? Or legit?” Recently an e-shopper’s question posted on one of the customer reviews communities has put ZAFUL, a fashion online store in the public eye. Afterwards, host of ZAFUL customer reviews however positive and negative are accessible on different rating sites. Yet all these feedback still cannot impartially answer the straightforward question, “Is ZAFUL a scam? Or legit?”, since most of them are the feelings of buyers, seemingly subjective. This article, nevertheless, will provide a profound investigation on ZAFUL from an objective standpoint. We will mainly go to the details of ZAFUL’s order tracking service, thereby trying partly to answer whether ZAFUL is a scam or legit.

  • The Overview of ZAFUL

To answer this question, we must first take a look at what ZAFUL is and what makes it fresh in the fast fashion market. As written in its official website, ZAFUL is an international fashion online store gratifying chiefly to the needs of fashion-forward and free-thinking girls. Buyers can benefit from an apparently faster shipping rate by making a choice of Standard Shipping or Express Shipping. Particularly, ZAFUL has implemented a policy rewarding customers that the fee of standard shipping is free if their order over US$30, so is express shipping if order over US$99. Though ZAFUL has gradually devoted to the improvement of its customer shopping experience, the question, “Is ZAFUL a scam? Or legit?” still arises making e-shoppers confused and hard to make a purchase decision.zaful

  • Is ZAFUL a Scam? Or Legit?

Whatever positive and negative ZAFUL reviews are, most of them are found to coincidentally consider the site’s order tracking service to be crucial. That is to say, the main factor seem likely to judging whether an online shop is a scam, or legit, because they are often relate closely to the shipping issue. Hence, to answer the question, this article will give a major discussion of the ZAFUL’s order tracking service.

ZAFUL Order Tracking Service: Shipping Issuereviews

In addition to sizing issue, ZAFUL reviews on shipping issue can also be read on Resellerratings. We take Christina’s experience as an example. As claimed in her reviews, she was satisfied with the product’s quality except for its shipment. ZAFUL do suffer from the shipping problem. Yet our investigation finds that almost all the e-commerce companies including ZAFUL have to face with the shipping issue,  since long distance shipping do take long time.tracking-message

In fact, ZAFUL provides order tracking service for its customers. Buyers can log into their ZAFUL accounts and click on “My orders” to track the order. As is demonstrated in the screenshot, you can directly click on View Tracking Message to know the latest information of your order. If you have not received any information after the step above, Don’t worry and there is another way! You can firstly copy the Reference Number shown in the box. Then click the button tracking websites at the right corner and input your reference number into it and therefore you can track your order.

Nevertheless, if you have tried both ways but still fail to track your order. Don’t hesitate to contact the ZAFUL customer server by ticket through support center, phone call or live chat.

Aside from providing order tracking service, ZAFUL has also made efforts to solve this problem. A case in point is the site’s abandonment of flat rate shipping due to its far too slow speed, so that the phenomenon that flat rate shipping user complained of ZAFUL shipping will no longer exist. The standard shipping and express shipping methods now available for choices are much more rapid compared with flat rate shipping.

  • Why does Is ZAFUL a Scam? Or Legit?arises?

Since ZAFUL can be regarded as legit, why do some customers still wonder if it is a scam? There are three reasons might contribute to the appearance of customer question, which can be classified as personal emotion venting, defaming from competitors and limited report choices

Personal Emotion Venting

Customers’ personal emotion venting may give a rise to negative reviews about ZAFUL.The results of recent studies have revealed that e-shoppers who write complaints are probably emotionally charged. Thus, it is not hard to imagine that sometimes customers would vent their personal negative emotions by leaving a negative shopping experience report. In fact, the figure of the collected reviews shows that nearly 40% of the complaints on ZAFUL with rating “1 star” have been revised to “5 star” after problems solved through communication between the client servers and the customer. Personal emotion venting therefore might be one of the reasons for negative reviews.

Defaming from Competitors

Defaming from competitors may also lead to ZAFUL complaints. Since clothing e-commerce market is full of firms, the competition is fierce and it is really hard for a fashion brand to stand out. To gain the competitive advantage, some companies may  defame its competitors with negative reviews, even though some are totally ridiculous. Disguising themselves as customers who leave complaints repeating that ZAFUL is a scam site and this can adversely impact the business of ZAFUL.

Limited Reviews choice

Limited reviews choice is also likely to cause customers negative feedback on ZAFUL. Some reviews sites like Ripoffreport merely allows users to give negative reviews and not verify whether they are customers or not. and therefore everything you saw on ZAFUL in Ripoffreport is relating to complaints such as “ZAFUL is a scam but not legit”.

  • Conclusion

In summary, ZAFUL should be considered as legit but not a scam, at least in terms of its tracking order service. So you are encouraged to go shopping on ZAFUL! More discussion about whether ZAFUL is a scam or legit will show you in my article. If you had any reviews or complaints for ZAFUL, or tips to me, leave comments to are appreciated.

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