How to Resolve Your Complaint About ZAFUL?

We always say that complain is not a good thing. But no complaint is impossible. All we could do is to resolve our complaint . What should you do If you have complaint about Zaful? Contact Zaful Customer Service.

You can consult for the pre-sale like the shipping time, payment method or shipping method; for after-sale like the size issue, delivery issue or defect issue.

Two kinds of complaints are common problem for customers, one complaint is size, another one is quality. If you have the two complaints, you could do as the following said.zaful1

zaful 2

Complaint about size

If you order the wrong size, contact Zaful Support Center. Zaful provide a 30-day return policy.

Before you contact Zaful Support Center, you should Check the SKU number in the outer package.

     If the SKU number you received is the same with the one you ordered,please

    contact Zaful for the size issue.

     If the SKU number is different,it is the delivery issue.

And then Contact Zaful Support Center for help. The information you need to inform are sku number,the size you ordered and the size you received.

Usually Zaful Customer Serviece will resolve your complaints about size as the following said.

  • Product value within 50USD

     If the size chart in Zaful is not corresponding with the item you received, it is

    Zaful’s fault for this issue. Zaful will resend or refund the product value directly.

  • Product value beyond 50USD

     In this case, from the day you receive the item you have 30 days to contact

Zaful to return your faulty item.Once Zaful receive the package,they will refund

you the product value.

Please note the Zaful Official Statement just like most online store said:



How to choose appropriate size? Most of Zaful products made in China, that means the size of Zaful products must be some different from Europe. Check Zaful size measurement charts for each item carefully. and choose the right item size according to your own measurements (in cm or inches).

Another complaint is quality.

If you have the same complaint to Zaful, What could you do ?

If the item you received is defective, you should submit a ticket on Zaful support center, inform the SKU number and send a picture of the item. Zaful promise to resolve your issue asap and efficiently.

Is Zaful a fraud, or Is Zaful a scam? I don’t think so.

Fraud is to scam customer, thieve customers’ money and do nothing for customers. However, Zaful’ support center must help resolve some customer service, At least for me. For size issue within 50USD, Zaful can refund full. and i can find that Zaful is certified “secured ” by renowned E-commerce service providers.

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    1. Yes, ZAFUL new number: +(1)-888-830-0888. but for after-sale problem, submiting a ticket would be more useful than phone contacting

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