How To Make Your Complaints Against ZAFUL Be Heard?

“How to contact ZAFUL?”, “I dial ZAFUL phone number but the call doesn’t go anywhere”, “I wrote them but never heard anything”. All these are main customer complaints about customer service.

Every business got complaints from customers, so do ZAFUL. Among customer complaints, 2 biggest points are product and service. For e-commerce businesses, as well as complaints for shipping. it’s is impossible for ZAFUL have no customer complaints. As a oversea business, ZAFUL faced the biggest complaint is about service.

What the hell about ZAFUL customer service? why they didn’t answer us? How to make your complaints against ZAFUL be heard?

ZAFUL offers 3 ways to contact their customers. One is message, which means you should submit a ticket to ZAFUL customer service, It’s via ZAFUL support center not via email. The second one is live chat, clicking the icon on the right corner of ZAFUL site and then you will talk to ZAFUL customer service. The last one is phone contact. ZAFUL updated its phone number this month, now ZAFUL’s USA helpline number is +(1)-888-830-0888.


If all the above 3 ways are failed to contact ZAFUL, then, is ZAFUL a scam? what should we do? How to make our complaints against ZAFUL be heard?

Pls note that, ZAFUL phone contact and live chat are used for pre-sale issues, while ZAFUL support center is used for after-sale issues. And as a oversea e-retailer, the work time of ZAFUL customer service maybe different with us. Take ZAFUL phone contact for a example, we should call them from Mon-Sun 07:30 to 18:00 (UTC +8).

If we still failed it, what should we do? How to make our complaints against ZAFUL be heard? Now i will tell you some special ways to contact ZAFUL.

  1. contact ZAFUL through “Facebook Messenger”

if you have any inquiry about ZAFUL. It’s the most swift way to contact ZAFUL Customer Service and efficient way to get problems solved.

  1. Join ZAFUL facebook group

Post your questions and know about ZAFUL coupon and promotion.

  1. Follow ZAFUL Reviews blog

ZAFUL Reviews is a blog Focused On Buyer’s Guide And Reviews About The latest promotions about ZAFUL based on ZAFUL reviews and complaints will post here. Leave your comments under a post on ZAFUL Reviews blog, its blogger will transfer your case to ZAFUL customer service.

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