How dose Zaful Solve Your Complaints?

Customer complaints and reviews posted on internet is common case for a online store. Becuase Internet is a place to speak freely for us. This article is going to introduce the general procedures on how Zaful deals with customers’ complaints and will emphasize the 3 contact methods:

  • Support center
  • Phone call
  • Livechat

Zaful “Contact us” at the bottom of Zaful home page. Click it and you’ll find Zaful Contact Us page.


Zaful’s phone service and live chat are mainly set for pre-sale issues, so Zaful recommend customers to contact live chat or call us if you want to change the size, remove any item from your order, or something else urgent like these. As for after-sale issues, Zaful recommend customers to contact support center since the customer support staff who work on live chat and answer the phone calls have limited authorization to deal with that.

Usually we asked to Explain our complaints with clear picture taken in good lighting or record a short video if necessary to Zaful Customer Service. Send these details to Zaful Support Center along with your order number and SKU (product) number.

. Support Center

If you choose to send message to Zaful Support Center, you should know what is “ticket” firstly. Ticket is like a file in which the conversation records are stored. We can keep sending messages back and forth until an issue is solved. Generally, one ticket will be handled by one customer service representative and a reply will be received within 24 hours.

How to submit a ticket?

  1. Please make sure that you have registered and signed in before you submit a ticket, or the sing-in page will interrupt this process.

  2. Go to the ticket page where you can submit tickets:

There are 2 ways for you to go to the above page.

A: Please click “Contact us”at the bottom of our home page=>Support Center=>Submit Ticket.

B: Please put your mouse on “MY ACCOUNT” on the top of our website and click “MY TICKETS”, then you can submit a ticket by clicking “TICKETS” on the top of the above page.

  3. Please fill all the necessary information in the above page carefully and completely, then click “Submit”. A new ticket will be created successfully and a ticket ID will appear as the following center


Don’t worry about you have no order number. You could place a new order right now without making the payment. That means you can stop after you click “Place your order” and no card information need to be provided. You will receive an order number as soon as you click “Place your order”. You can also receive it in your email or check it under the title “My Orders” in your Zaful account.

How to check a ticket?

You will receive an email from Zaful once customer service response.

But pls note that Zaful customer service do not directly show the content of their reply in the email. Instead, zaful offers a link. You need click that link to get access to the ticket. Sometimes there may be a notice sent by the virus protection software on your computer, just go on opening that link. Please rest assured that it will not get your computer infected with virus.

Usually you will definitely receive Zaful reply within 24 hours except during weekends and holidays. Therefore, if you unfortunately do not receive it, please check the spam file of your email or just go to your Zaful account to check “My tickets”. Here is the page you should go when you are checking the tickets:

How to reply a ticket?

Please attention, do not response the email you have received directly since we are not able to receive your reply in this way. Please response on the same page where you can see our message. Here is the picture:support center 2

How to close a ticket?

It is very easy to close the ticket. Once you have checked Zaful reply and your issue has been well resolved, you can close the ticket by clicking “Close&Rating”.


If Zaful ask you to confirm something or Zaful are waiting for your reply, please do not close the ticket after you leave a reply, or customer service may not see your message timely. That will cause the delay of a solution.

Although Zaful promise to response within 24 hours, it doesn’t mean you have to wait 24 hours. Actually, a prompt reply for the urgent complaints is achieved.

Example One

Even the pre-sale issues can be resolved in a timely manner. Here is a ticket:


We stopped the processing as soon as the customer sent us the message and changed the shipping address very fast. The customer was pretty satisfied.question


Zaful will get the order on hold automatically once the system detects the key words in customers’ tickets, such as “cancel”, ”wrong address/ change address”, ”change size” and so on. In this way, support center can also resolve the urgent issues in time.

.Phone number

Zaful hot-line is available from 07:30 to 18:00 (UTC +8) every day except holidays. Pls note 2 points:

  1. This time is UTC +8, it’s at usually American night. You should call them at right time.
  2. It is anUSA helpline number. Currently, Zaful only provide English phone service.

Zaful usually contact customers by email through support center instead of phone call. Please be cautious about the calls stating they are Zaful customer service and asking for your card information or other personal information.

.Live Chatchat

Zaful’s live chat works 24 hours. Please click the icon “CHAT” on the right side of to start a chat.


You can start to chat with a customer service representative once you fill the information in the above picture. If our representatives are offline, you can leave a note to them. Zaful Customer Service will send you an email within 24 hours.

Thank you for your time. Hope my post will help you to solve your complaints. More information of Zaful reviews complaints and suggestions will be posted here.


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