How does Zaful Solve Your Complanit About Size?

Complaint 1: I ordered the wrong size item, how can Zaful fix it?

Sometimes, you may ordered a wrong size item by mistake. For example, you want to order a dress in size L however you added XL one to your order. In this case, you should contact with Zaful as soon as possible(make a phone call or try their Livechat customer service). If your order has not been shipped out, they will help you to change the size without any problem. But if unfortunately, your order has been shipped out when you contacted with Zaful, what will happen? Firstly, you’d better wait patiently for the package delivery. Once you received the item, just have a try. If it fits well, that will be just fine. But if it does not fit, you can go ahead to contact Zaful after-sale customer service for help. They will offer you some compensation depends on your order amount. For example, if the item is no more than 50 USD, they would be happy to offer you half amount refund (even full refund sometimes) and you do not need to send the wrong size item back to them. What great customer service it is!

Complaint 2: Zaful send me wrong size item accident, what should I do?

Zaful has launched a perfect dispatch and shipping process. However in few cases, Zaful may sent you wrong item or even wrong order. This mistake happens because Zaful always ships thousands of parcels per day to all over the world. If Zaful sent you wrong item or wrong order, you will get 100% refund without any doubt. But if Zaful just sent you the wrong size item, what will they do? Please rest assured, you can just submit a support ticket to Zaful support center, a Zaful representative will reply your message in 24 hours. Resend and refund are both available in this case, you can just chose one of them on your own.

Complaint 3: What should I do if Zaful sent me the item in correct size however it does not fit me?

In this case, you can also contact with Zaful customer service for help. The Zaful after-sale representative will aks you to confirm some details of the size first, such as the size tag, the measurements. After confirming the size details, they will offer you a proper solution regarding your case. If there is something wrong with the measurements on Zaful, they will a full refund for this item immediately. And also you do not need to send the wrong size item back.

Miss. Aneka ordered a swimsuit on June 16 but found that the swimsuit was smaller than expect 3 weeks later after received. Then She contacted with Zaful customer service by submitting a support ticket for help:


A Zaful customer service representative reviewed her case within an hour after Miss Aneka submitted the support ticket and offered a solution like follow:answer

Miss Aneka was very happy with both the two option and finally she chose the second option. She got her money back to her Zaful wallet 2 days later:


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