Full Details About ZAFUL Complaints For Product, Shipping & Size

Nowadays a growing number of e-shoppers choose to find their favorites on ZAFUL.com. Yet along with the site’s increase in popularity, ZAFUL.com complaints appear online, which could currently be read at some negative reviews sites, such as ripoffreport and pissedconsumer, or some famous customer rating sites or review communities, such as resellerratings. At first glance, some of these negative reviews seem to reflect the problems of ZAFUL.com shopping. The issues pertain basically to the site’s product, shipping and size. However, further reflection reveals that all these complaints have not been actually clarified.

This article hence attempts to examine the main topics on ZAFUL.com complaints from an objective standpoint. It will firstly give a brief introduction to ZAFUL.com. Then it will chiefly go to the full details about ZAFUL’s product, shipping and size on the basis of the customer complaints.

Ø What is ZAFUL.com

ZAFUL.com is described as an online global fashion brand store delivering fast fashion worldwide. It caters mainly to the needs of fashion-forward and free-thinking girls. Moreover, ZAFUL’s products comprise dresses, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, and other essential women apparel, with prices ranging from $20 to $50. This summer, ZAFUL’s swimwear is very popular for its styles and quality.

Besides, ZAFUL.com provides buyers with size chart, size and fit guides as well as two shipping methods, Standard Shipping and Express Shipping. The fee of standard shipping will be free if order over US$30, and it’s same to express shipping if your order over US$99.

Despite ZAFUL’s commitment to the improvement of customer shopping experience, complaints still arise making the online fashion brand come under the fire.

Ø Product Complaints

Product is a crucial factor in customer’s ZAFUL reviews. More specifically, complaints about the product’s quality is brought primarily into public eye.

As I said products are very poor qualities. The color looks a bit different from the detailed photos”.

A recent complaint wrote by Miss Lee on Resellerratings was cropped as above. Likewise, there are some negative reviews arguing that ZAFUL’s product quality could not meet their satisfaction owing to the color difference between the actual item they received and the images online.

Nevertheless, common sense informs us that the complaints above appear to be unfounded. Almost every experienced e-shoppers knows that such discrepancy is hardly avoidable as a result of shooting effect. Also, we know that pictures are always used to make a reference, but are seldom totally identical to the actual item. Moreover, problems like small color difference should be allowed and hence none of such issues could be regarded as a reason the customer left the phrase “poor qualities”in the review of the site.

Ø Shipping Complaints

Aside from product complaints, nearly 50% of the customers negative reviews are about ZAFUL’s shipping time. One customer’s shipping complaint found in Trustpilot demonstrates that she had not received the item since placed the order 7 days before. The negative review is unfair to some extent.

The Total Time to Receive Your Orderprocessing-time

First and foremost, the total time for a ZAFUL buyer to receive the item consists of the processing time and shipping time. It follows that your parcel would not leave the warehouse promptly after you paying for your order. It is said to take around 4 days for the ZAFUL staff to process your order.shipping-rate

What is more, the long distance shipping takes time as well. The shipping rates table above show that it takes at least 6-10 business day for a ZAFUL buyer to receive the order. Hence, regardless of the time possibly spent on the custom, the fastest total time to receive the order is approximately 10-14 business days. It follows that the 7 days the complaint mentioned didn’t exceed the estimated delivery time and therefore the negative review on ZAFUL’s shipping is not so reasonable. Additionally, both the standard shipping and express shipping provide on ZAFUL.com are expedited shipping so that the speed of them are faster compared with that of flat shipping. So please keep calm and be patient.

Ø Size Complaints

In addition to the product and shipping complaints, some customers criticize for the measurement discrepancy of ZAFUL’s products from their size chart online. As is known, however, ZAFUL.com seems to be aware the size issue and has made some progress. A case in point is they set up a new page named SIZE AND FITS GUIDES. Both women’s and men’s size of clothing and shoes could be checked through the guides, which enables those who cannot confirm their size to find their suitable one. A important point you need to know is ZAFUL’s products maybe have different size chart due to they came from different suppliers, so you should check on the size chart of every items before you add it to bag.

Ø Conclusion

This article mainly analyzes the ZAFUL.com complaints in terms of its product, shipping and size as a following of providing an overview of this site. Admittedly, there are still complaints concerning ZAFUL shopping and problems are needed to be solved by ZAFUL TEAM in the future. Moreover, we have already witnessed the desire of the company to enhance their customer shopping experience.

More analysis about customer complaints for ZAFUL and what ZAFUL do will be posted on zafulcomplaint.com. Any reviews and comments to it are appreciated.

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