Does Zaful Solve Your Complaints about Shipping?

Now days, online shopping has became a most important part of our daily life. When you open your facebook homepage, you can always see kinds of beautiful clothing. But before you order from then, you should know one thing first: when can I receive it? Here is a shipping guide of which is my favourite online shop. I have seen some people complaint about the shipping of Zaful. This article may help you solve your complaint.

The shipping rates information:

Trackable (safety)

Free shipping or less shipping cost

Arrival faster

 All packages are trackable from Zaful.

Standard shipping: 10 – 18 business days

Express shipping:  6 – 10 business days

‚ FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on orders over $30;

FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over $99 (No surface mail)

If customers don’t meet FREE shipping conditions, the customers only pay small amount for Standard shipping or Express shipping.

How to track your parcel

  • Standard shipping

    You will always get your tracking number within 24 hours after your package dispatched.Tracking numbers for standard shipping are normally like this: LT0122**456CN, which started and ended with two letters and contents 9 numbers. For US customers, you can just check your tracking number with United States Postal Office( It will always show you the transport trail in details which will let you know the estimated delivery date. For the customers from other countries and regions, you can check your tracking number on As the shipping method is not expedited shipping, the tracking information may not have a date-to-date update, it is absolutely normally. Sometimes when you put into your tracking number and the website says “not found”, that does not mean anything, just because the tracking information has not been update yet. The tracking information will update on line in 3-5 business days after dispatch, you just need a little patience for it.

  • Express shipping

Zaful normally delivery your parcel with DHL or IB for express shipping. Tracking number of DHL is always a ten digits number such as: 210***5124, you can check it on Tracking number of IB always starts with two letters and contents 14 numbers, such as:

IB1455****811361, you can check it on

The issue of receipts:

If you can not receive your parcel after the estimated time, you can contact Zaful at once. You can contact Zaful by three methods:Phone call, Live chat, Support center. The the customer service will check this issue with the shipping company and give you a deadline. If you can not receive your parcel, you can contact Zaful again after the deadline, you can contact Zaful again. Please rest assured that Zaful will give you the suitable solution.


The case of non receipt:

  • Correct address but can not receive the parcel after the deadline

If you give us the correct address when you place the order, and checking with the delivery company after the deadline, Zaful can reship the order to you for free

  • Wrong address and can not receive the parcel after checking with the shipping company

If you give us the wrong address when you place the order, or you move different place, and checking with the delivery company, they can not change the address for you. Please rest assured that Zaful will also give you some compensation.


You need to pay attention about the shipment

  • Please take a careful note about your address when you place the order, in most of case, Zaful can not change the address when the parcel is shipped out.
  • Please track your parcel after you receive the shipping information email, if you have paid the tracking number fee.
  • Please contact us if you have any issue about the delivery in time, Zaful will try best to help you.


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